We will produce a KINDLE and PRINTED EDITIONS of your book!

As a part of our services TWO COMLPIMENTARY COPIES OF THE PRINTED BOOK will be sent to your address upon publication!

Plus, we will supply you with a FREE KINDLE READING TABLET completely free with your book already downloaded onto it!

But perhaps the most important element we offer is a comprehensive MARKETING STRATEGY which has taken us two years in the formulation. This is completely new and absolutely guaranteed to maximise sales!

Now you can publish your book so that it is available to more than ten million readers worldwide – and make a handsome profit into the bargain. And all this within the space of a few weeks!


  • Kindle is the biggest revolution since Guttenberg invented the printing press.
  • The Kindle reading tablet itself is small and neat and fits into a pocket and can store thousands of books of all kinds, including colour books for the new Kindle Fire range.
  • Kindle is owned by Amazon, the biggest bookseller in the world and is, therefore, the ‘future of publishing’. ‘How the young can dramatise things,’ I thought, until the next comment was that Kindle already has more than 70% of the e-book market.
  • Being sold through Amazon means that Kindle books have a worldwide market of millions and millions.
  • Being so smart, Amazon have arranged apps and systems so that the Kindle books can be read on computer, iPad and iPhones, as well as android devices, thereby increasing the market even more.
  • Authors receive 70% of the retail price of their book direct from Amazon, who keep the remaining 30% as their profit.
  • There are no agents to deal with or give a percentage to.
  • Kindle is so successful that now Amazon sell roughly two and half times as many Kindle books as printed books.
  • Books can be published and available for sale in less than four weeks.

We have more than 20 years experience in the publishing industry and set editorial standards to make sure that we were associated with high quality material.


  • Copy-editing and proof-reading the manuscript to ensure it is as error free as possible.
  • Designing the book’s layout and converting the manuscript to the best format for Kindle so that it looks just like a book. This is vitally important if the book is to be easy to read and recommended to others.
  • Designing the ‘cover’ – yes, the best Kindle books have an eye-catching cover design, just like a conventional book.
  • Arranging the author’s own Kindle page so the book can be marketed most effectively.
  • And, of course, publishing the book on Kindle itself and arranging all of the technical stuff such as royalty payments.
  • Plus, we provide precise and easy to follow marketing instructions that will guarantee the book achieves the maximum possible sales.

Within weeks your book will be published on Kindle and available to millions of potential readers throughout the world.

There is a lot involved in this service. Publishing on Kindle and making sure that the book’s full potential is exploited is quite complex and we use only the best specialists, who are not cheap. Plus, although not concerned with making huge profits, we needed to at least cover our costs. On the other hand, we really wanted to help authors who often do not have unlimited cash to spare and so we needed to find a balance between all of these things.

That is why we decided on a fee of £890. Affordable enough for authors who are serious about publication. And to make it even more affordable, only half of the fee is payable upfront, the other half when the book is published on Kindle. The entire process is meant more to be enjoyable than complex and we try to make it as straightforward as possible for authors.

Finally, we are aware that not everyone has an electronic reading device and many readers still prefer a physical, printed book. In order to cater for this sector of the market we will also publish a conventional printed edition of the book using Kindle’s sister site, Createspace. This edition will be available alongside the Kindle edition on Amazon to maximise the book’s chances of success. As a part of our services two copies of the printed edition will be sent to your address upon publication.

The next thing to do is to submit your manuscript. We first need to read your book to make sure that it is suitable for publication on Kindle. We can publish books of all types, including illustrated ones but have our own editorial standards and will only accept books which are worthy of publication, so need to read and evaluate your manuscript. However, this evaluation is absolutely free and extremely quick.

Simply click here at the bottom of this page to submit your manuscript and you will find clear instructions on how to send your manuscript to us. I guarantee to read your book personally and provide a detailed evaluation of it.

One word of warning, however. Because our service is so highly regarded in the publishing world each month we are almost always over-subscribed. Therefore I would urge you to act immediately if you are serious about having your book published. This really could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Click here to submit your manuscript and within a few weeks your book could be enjoying the sort of publishing success you only dreamed about.

We look forward to working with you on this most exciting project!

Very best regards,

Yours sincerely

Yanina Goldenberg


Think carefully about this offer and you will clearly see that it is simply too good to miss. You really cannot lose. So please take the very first step and submit your manuscript right now. We are absolutely certain that this offer will be in huge demand.

Yanina Goldenberg

Disclaimer: Kindle Book Publishing is not affiliated with Amazon or any of it’s subsidiaries.