Firstly, if you have read the home page of our website you will now that we are real genuine people offering a real, genuine service. We are a small, husband and wife team for whom Kindle publishing is a true pleasure. Certainly, we need to make a profit of sorts but our true aim is to help as many new authors achieve their goal of publication as possible.

We are very well equipped to do this! Between us we have more than fifty years’ experience in book publishing, most of them at director level, having owned companies here in the U K and in the U S A.  We both ‘semi-retired’ a couple of years ago but Kindle excited us so much that we now devote much of our time to this service.



When we set up this service we worked from offices at home but have recently expanded a little (not too much because we still want some ‘retirement’ time) with the appointment of Louise, a new graduate from Oxford University and an office not too far from home.

Now a word or two about contacting us. Like almost all publishers, we do not accept authors visiting us with their book proposal or seeking advice or simply chatting about an idea they have for a book. Sadly, our time is much too precious for that. We expect to be contacted by means of the Submission Form accompanied by the complete manuscript both sent by e-mail as attachments to this e-mail address:


E-mail is our much preferred method of communicating and almost always receive a 24 hour response.

Our telephone number is: +44 191645 2070 but, again, the same applies as with visits – no calls with book proposals, ideas and so on. We are not being at all rude by saying this, it is simply the way that reputable publishers work. If we need to talk to you about your book be certain we will call you. So, if you do telephone us you will probably be asked to leave a message.

registration2014Disclaimer: Kindle Book Publishing is not affiliated with Amazon or any of it’s subsidiaries.