Marketing ebooks is very different from marketing conventional printed books and we probably know more about this than anyone else in the UK.

We will explain the details later but at this stage suffice it to say that there are three main components,  pre-publication (what we need to build in to the book’s description and soon so that it is ‘visible’ to Amazons search engine spider bots), publication itself (for example, ‘launching’ the book) and post-publication (such as making use of the social media, maximizing the impact of reviews and so on).

This barely scratches the surface but may provide an indication that we know what we are doing in this field.

Every day hundreds of new books are published on Kindle. The competition to be noticed is fierce. So the trick is to make your book ‘visible’ – to bring it to the attention of all of the potential buyers on Amazon. We learnt that to do this you have to understand how Amazon’s recommend system works and how to use it to your best advantage.

We provide our authors with a highly detailed and comprehensive Marketing Strategy which is specifically designed to maximize sales of the book.

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