Thank you for all your help with the book Yanina,  for all your very professional, courteous and friendly responses to my Emails. It was also a pleasure working with you.


Dear Yanina,
I am so very pleased with everything you and your team has done on my behalf regarding Impeccable Credentials, and I can say that it has been a genuine pleasure for me too to work with you.  It is hard to believe that I am looking at the ‘finished product’ of my manuscript, but you have certainly done me, and yourselves, extremely proud. May I say that I look forward to working with you again, providing of course you are open to receiving further work from me. Thank you again so very much.


Dear Yanina
Thank you so much for everything, it’s been an amazing experience and absolute pleasure to work with you. Once again I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you have done.


Dear Yanina
Can I first thank you for all your efforts it has been much appreciated. Once again many thanks it is a dream come true.

– John Houghton (In the ‘NICK’ of Time)

Dear Yanina,
Thank you so so much for all your help with this! I’m so grateful to you for taking a chance on my book and helping it get to this stage – it means the world to me! I’m over the moon!

– Colette Murphy (F.U.E.D)

I have just received the two copies of The Cockles of Your Heart and I am absolutely thrilled with them. The jacket is very eye-catching and excellent quality. Thank-you so much.  I have also read your marketing strategy file and I am just beginning to realise the complexities involved in the process and how valuable the information is going to be when I have digested it fully. What you have done to provide all this will make everything so much more achievable. You have helped me to attain a lifetime’s ambition and I am very grateful.

Joan Harries ( Cockles of your heart )

Thank you so much for all your help in getting my book published. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the whole process and how easy you have made it for me. Many MANY thanks again.

–  Debbie Ioanna  (The Running Girl)

I am delighted with the results. Both the cover and the interior are highly professional. The service was streamlined and I would recommend  your company to anyone. They won’t be disappointed!

–  Jenny MacCormack (The Promiscuous Husband)

The writer would like to place on record his deep appreciation of Yanina Goldenberg’s warm embrace and detailed understanding of this book and her publishing company Gold Wind/Kindle Publishing’s perceptive and helpful handling of its subject.

Mike Wilson (The Fight for England’s Soul)

Dear Yanina,
I wanted to write a seperate email to express my sincere thanks and appreication for the wonderful service you have provided throughout this exciting experience.  I cannot speak highly enough of Gold Wind, as through every stage the service has been professional and efficent with consistent attention to detail. I shall always treasure your critique of Eringuild, as your praise filled me with the courage and pride in my work that I needed to move forward.  I’d also like to commend your pleasant and helpful manner throughout all of our communications. You have been patient and supportive, respecting my ideas whilst guiding me in the right direction. I am absolutely delighted at the outcome of our work together and still cannot quite believe that my book is available to such an enormous market. I know that you have done everything possible to help me achieve success and when reading through the documentation, I can see the thorough and detailed work you have done on my behalf. I couldn’t have achieved this without you so many many thanks.

Annie Muscutt (Eringuild)

Dear Yanina. May I take this opportunity to thank you for making the publication of my memoir “Duty Calls” possible. I am delighted with the final result and presentation on the Amazon website and for your help and guidance. I always hoped but never expected that “Duty Calls” would one day be read by others. You made it possible and I have no hesitation in recommending your service to other would be authors. My sincere thanks and very best wishes.

- Robert  Chaplin

I have very much enjoyed being associated with you in getting “Letters From China” on Kindle. Thank you for all your patience and help – and a big thank  you for the successful outcome.

- Gillian Snoxall

I am very pleased with all that you have done for me. A very big THANK YOU.

- Richard Gould

I am delighted with the results of your work and it is even beyond my expectations. I cannot thank you enough especially for your prompt replies to my many quieries and requests. May I wish you all the best for a successful future.

- Ray Newton

Thank you so much. I am really grateful to have this opportunity and I am overwhelmed at the moment with a mixture of hope and dread. It is great to see my book published.

- A. Donovan

Many thanks for seeing this process through and it is great to see my book published and available for all the world to buy.

- Kevin Ricgards

I would like to thank you, for your help and patience. And now I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

- Roberta Edwards

I would just like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for all your help and once again I truly apologise for the little hiccup at the start of our adventure. Thank you once again and all the very best for the future.

- Peter Beardsley 

Just received the Kindle. Thank you so much. The book looks fantastic, thank you so much for all your hard work. It means a lot.

- Rob Wilkinson

May I take this opportunity to say that it was a pleasure working with you. Throughout the whole process you were very professional and you acted with utmost integrity.

-Varda Leymore

Thank you very much for the Kindle device and for uploading the book. It looks perfect. Thank you very much Yanina for your fantastic advice and professional job.

- Linda Eketoft

Thank you for assistance to date and should I need any more help in the future, you’ll be the first person I’ll contact. I am considering publishing a further book on the same subject. If I do, I shall certainly contact you.

- Vic Robinson

Thank you for your speedy and efficient help with the publication and for the design of the cover which has also drawn positive comment. I will most certainly recommend you to others and will use you again when I am ready to publish the sequel.

- Peter Wood

It has been a pleasure working with you, and I am delighted with the achievement of having got the book published at all!

- Nick Thomas

It has been such a beautiful pleasure to work with you and I thank you from the very depths of my soul.  Thank you beautiful sweet lady.

- Gloria Risley

Dear Yanina,
I was completely “bowled over” to receive your E-Mail informing me that “The Bus Pass” is now available on Amazon. Your expertise and publishing know how have transformed my ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, for which I am most grateful. Finally, today you have made a 75 year old author an extremely happy man.  Thank you.

- Ian Cullingham

Ah amazing, thank you for bringing this masterpiece together.  Sending you lots of love and abundance in regards to future projects.

-  Gurdeep Hundal

Dear Yanina,
Have just recieved my copies of Modern Times, which I’am absolutely delighted with. Thanks for all your help in getting my book to this fine standard; the quality of paper and print face is excellent, as is the cover, too. Thanks once again for a good job done.

- Peter Morgan

Dear Yanina,
May I thank you and commend you on your very prompt and efficient service. I don’t know at the moment whether another book is in the offing but, if it is, I shall be very happy to use you again and will gladly recommend you to any other budding authors that I might come across.


Dear Yanina
I would like to thank your for helping me publish my first book. As someone new to Kindle publishing I know that without your support, even if I actually managed to get the book into Kindle, I would never have achieved the professional presentation of the book as you did. I must know get on and finish the sequel!

– Dougald Ballardie (THE COCONUT AFFAIR)

My dear Yanina,
Congratulations, you have deprived me of a day’s fishing. Ten hour sitting beside a beautiful lake watching the birds and insects going about their business. Pausing only occasionally to put a fresh grain of sweetcorn on my hook or land a fish (not very often though). But I really must thank you for the quality of your actions on my behalf and your most valuable advice, You will probably gather from our brief acquaintance that I do tend to test the water before committing myself to a particular course of action. Thank goodness I did and discovered your organisation. It really has been a pleasure doing business with you.

- Terrence J Walter (THE LONDON DRUG WARS)

I want to thank you very much for your help and advice together with the professional manner in which you have handled this project. I must admit that I had misgivings on dealing with anybody even related to publishing. I had been told of some horrendous situations when authors were trying to self publish. Like wise the traditional publishing route seemed so long and laborious. I am working on a sequel to “The Arrangement” and I should have a manuscript in a couple of months. Naturally I will hope to work with you again. Once again thank you for everything and I do look forward to a long and successful association.

- Trevor MARSDEN